Laurie and Root Essence

compressedhands_003My name is Laurie Berg and I am a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist.  I have been practicing Foot Reflexology since 2010 and I am working on the completion of my Hand Reflexology Certification.  I also have my Reiki 1, which I always incorporate into my sessions.

How I was introduced to Reflexology was through my mom (Yvonne ‘Bonnie’ Laforge).  My mom was a Reflexology Therapist and Reiki Master.  She was amazing at what she did and helped many people because she loved it and it was a part of her.  My mother taught me the basics of Reflexology and I have used them ever since.  So I guess you could say that I’ve been “practicing” Reflexology since 2005.  Before I became a therapist, I was giving myself and my family treatments for certain ailments since my mother taught me.  It certainly helped on some of those sleepless nights with a newborn.  Helping with my son’s pain was always my main focus then, as they got older, it was to keep them healthy with daily Reiki and reflexology.  My oldest son likes to climb into my chair and lets me take care of him.  My youngest son likes Reiki but is still too little to let me help him with Reflexology on his feet, he says it tickles, but he loves massages.

Alternative and holistic, natural healing is what I am aiming for.  We try to stay away from medicines, whenever possible.  I am vegetarian but my family is not.  I try to get local, grass fed meat and try to be as organic as we can be.

Root Essence, the name, came to me when I was thinking about trees and their roots.  Their meaning can be anything from where you are from, your family roots, life, being established or settled, … the list goes on.

Essence means the centre of something, determining the identity of something, a perfect or complete form of something.

I think of both together because it is finding the centre of a root and what you were before you were you.  Where you come from and your roots.  We all started somewhere and have people before us.  The centre of all of that goes deeper than we know.  We are essentially parts of everyone before us, and we grow and leave a part of ourselves for our next generation (or next root) and they become part of that tree.

This is who I am and how I try to live my life.