My first blog

I’m starting my blog with a question my son asked me.

What kind of massage do I do?  Well, I don’t do massage when I do Reflexology.  Reflexology is applying pressure to the reflexes on your feet.  The reflexes on your feet are like a map,  every area I press is a place in your body.   For example, when he has a stuffy nose, I press on the bottom area of the balls of his toes, which is called the sinus’ (foot map to follow).  When he has a sore belly, I press on the bottom-middle of his foot (large and small intestines).

He also asked, why do I like Reflexology?  I find it amazing and so interesting that I can help someone by simply putting pressure on their feet or hands.  Of course, it isn’t simple and there is so much to learn, but after all of my education and practical exercises, it comes easily to me.  I first started learning about Reflexology to be closer to my mom and to do something she loved to do.  But the more I learned, the more I wanted to continue.  I love when clients come in with ailments and leave feeling better.  The biggest reward for me is not being praised, but seeing how amazed someone is when they realize that they are getting relief from something that has been a problem for so long.

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