Woodsprite Organic Body products are in…

I am now selling Woodsprite Organic Body products in the shop! I received them today and my whole room smells so good and fresh with Lavender and many other scents!

You can find their website at:  http://www.woodspriteorganicbody.com

If you think their write-ups sound good, wait until you smell them and try them.  They are pretty incredible and all natural!  I’m very excited and didn’t want to leave the shop tonight, but I did and I brought some home to try out.  I will have a list put up tomorrow evening for you all to know what I have for sale.

Here is a starter list:

  • Lavender Massage Oil
  • Vanilla & Lavender Organic Buttermilk Bath
  • Muscle Mender Therapeutic Herbal Spa Salts

Do you all know what a Woodsprite is???  Write to me before you look it up, for free samples!

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