Session Details

What to expect during a Chronic Foot Pain session:
You start with a foot reflexology session and then I continue on to a deep tissue massage on your feet and leg muscles.  While stretching and engaging your own muscles, I apply pressure and massage your engaged muscles on your calves and feet.  The combination will leave you feeling relaxed and able to walk out of your session a little more pain free, depending on your ailments.
What to expect during a 50 minute foot reflexology session:
You will lie on the massage table, remaining fully clothed except for your shoes and socks (Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy). I will clean your feet with a warm, wet towel.

I begin by assessing your feet for open wounds, rashes, sores, plantar warts or bunions and will ask you about any foot or leg pain that could hinder treatment.

A session usually lasts 50 minutes. You may rest or talk during the session at your discretion. If you fall asleep, you will still receive the benefits of the full foot treatment. Feedback during the session is encouraged, and of course, you can request that the session stop at any time.  I do not believe that reflexology should hurt, any feelings of discomfort should be discussed during the session, as it happens.

Regardless of your health conditions, the focus will be on the entire foot starting from the toes and working down.  At the end of the session, I will return to the corresponding problem areas to give extra attention.

Hot Stone add-on

I use a massage oil to massage your legs and feet and gradually add in some hot stones for a soothing and relaxing end to your session.

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